• On Line Learning:Class Codes for Google Classroom


    5th grade- o3jfx2e

    6th grade-ospkcbm

    7th grade- 3zzgcuw

    8th grade-yt3iicq



     Week 1

    Grade 5:

     Tues. 3/17/20 IXL 10 mins, Read chapter 4 ( Bookshare.org) Summer of the Monkeys P.42-46 On your Google doc. describe JerryBerry's dream. Write 4 sentences. Send to me when done.

    Wed. 3/18/20 Quizlet (WW Book 5 lesson 12) review new vocab words and definition until you feel comfortable. On your google doc. complete 12A  1-3  answers only.

    Thurs. 3/19/20  WW Lesson 12 A 4-10 answers only on your google doc.  Then in novel read ( bookshare if needed ) pgs. 47-50 Tell me how did the big monkey let the little monkey know it was in trouble? Send answer on your google doc.

    Fri. 3/20/20  IXL- 10 mins, then on google doc. WWlesson 12 B1-10   Answers only! 


    Grade 6: 

    Tues. 3/17/20   IXL 10 mins, Reread (bookshare if needed) in Coal Country pgs 42-48, on your google doc. describe the intelligence of the mules in 4-6 sentences. Send to me.

    Wed. 3/18/20   Google the word "harbinger" for understanding. Then read pg. 48-51 in Coal Country. On your google doc. tell me: What role did the rats play in the mines? 4-6 sentences.

    Thurs. 3/19/20   IXL 10 mins. Read WW Passage 10 E (bookshare if needed)Webquest/Google: What are the 5 most popular board games in world today? Send me the list.

    Fri. 3/20/20 Quizlet (WWBook6 Lesson 11) Review new words and definitions until you feel comfortable and confident. On your google doc. select 3 words that all have something in common- send me an explanation.


    Grade 7 :

    Tues. 3/17/20 IXL 10 mins Read chp 6 (bookshare if needed) pgs. 78-86. On your google doc. describe Roy Luther's burial.

    Wed. 3/18/20 Quizlet ( WWBook 7 Lesson 6) review new words and definitions until you feel confident, then on your google doc. complete 6A 1-4 send  answers only..Cor I

    Thurs. 3/19/20   WW lesson 6A ..on google doc send answers only 5-10 , then do 6B 1-10 send letters to answer only.

    Fri. 3/20/20  IXL 10 mins Read Lillies ( use bookshare if needed) pgs. 86-90  on google doc. send 3 jots.


    Grade 8 :


    Tues. 3/17/20   IXL 10 mins. In novel ( Gathering Blue) read chp. 8 pgs. 86-92 ( use bookshare if needed) on your google doc. send me 3 jots about main events.

    Wed 3/18/20   Quizlet ( WWBook 8Lesson 11) review  new vocab and definitions until you are confident. Then on google doc. complete 11A. Send 10 sentences.

    Thurs. 3/19/20   IXL 10 mins.   In novel ( bookshare if needed) red pges 93-96...in your google doc. identify the meaning of the words sadden, bloom,bleed and mordant  as related to thread dying. Send me the definitions.

    Fri. 3/20/20  Quizlet..review lesson 11 words until you feel confident...complete 11B send words only  for 1-10


    On Line Learning:

     Week 2

    Grade 5

    Mon. 3/23/20 Quizlet... ( WWbook 5 Lesson 12) review 10 mins..on  same google doc. complete WWlesson 12C...number an letter only

    Tues. 3/24/20  WordlyWise Lesson 12D complete on  same google doc. type the whole sentence and submit.

    Wed.3/25/20 WordlyWise Lesson 12 E Read the passage or listen on bookshare if needed. On google...look up pictures by Frieda Kahlo. 

                                Send me the name of your favorite and why you like it.

    Thurs. 3/26/20 IXL 10 mins. In novel read pages 51-55 ( bookshare if needed) Tell me what caused JayBerry to blush or turn red?

                                     What funny gesure did the big monkey make? Answer in complete sentences.

    Fri. 3/27/20   WWLesson 12...Choose 10 words from the lesson and type 10 great sentences on your google doc. Remember to proofread!


    Grade 6

    Mon. 3/23/20    Quizlet..review new words in Unit 11 until you feel comfortable. Complete 11A on your same google doc. send the complete sentence.

    Tues. 3/24/20  IXL 10 mins. Complete WW lesson 11B. Send answers on your google doc. 1-13.

    Wed.3/25/20   In Coal Country, read pages 58-63 ( bookshare if needed) What are 3 superstitions that miners believed in?Send me your response in your google doc. Be sure to answer in a complete sentence and proofread.

    Thurs. 3/26/20   IXL- 10 mins. In WWlesson 11E..read or listen on bookshare. Answer questions 1, 3,8 in complete sentences on your google doc.

    Fri. 3/27/20   WW Lesson 11C 1-8...just send the letters of the correct answer on your google doc.


    Grade 7

    Mon. 3/23/20 Quizlet lesson 6 for approx. 10 mins....complete lesson 6D in google doc. Answer in complete sentences.

    Tues. 3/24/20 In novel read pgs 91-96 (bookshare if needed) Answer in complete sentences- Why did Kiser Pease come to see Roy Luther? What did fhe bring Devola?

    Wed.3/25/20 IXL 10 mins Read pages 97-102. Write 3 jots. Send on your google doc.

    Thurs. 3/26/20 Quizlet Book 7 Lesson 7..review until comfortable/confident. Send 4 definitions for pluck.

    Fri. 3/27/20  Novel read pgs 103-109. What injury did Mary Call get on SugrBoy? Send answer in google doc.


    Grade 8

    Mon. 3/23/20 IXL recommended skills, then WWlesson 11C 1-8, send correct answer in google doc.

    Tues. 3/24/20  Read novel pages 97-104 ( end of page) Send 3 jots on your google doc.

    Wed.3/25/20  IXL 10 mins, then read novel 105-110. Send 3 more jots about story events.

    Thurs. 3/26/20 Quizlet WWBook8 lesson 12..review until confident. Send 3 words from unit, that all have something in common, tell me what that is.

    Fri. 3/27/20 Do a quick review of new vocabulary (Quizlet). Complete WWlesson 12 A, answers only on google doc.



    Grade 5

    Mon.  3/30/20: Review WW unit 13 words on Quizlet ( 10 mins) log in: WordlyWise Book 5 lesson 13...after review, send me 3 words that all have something in common. Tell me how they are related to eachother.

    Tues. 3/31/20: IXL ( 10 mins) Read/listen on bookshare to pages 56-61. Tell me what Jay Berry did to upset the big monkey. What did the big monkey /little monkey do ?

    Wed. 4/1/20: Practice 10 mins. on Quizlet...Lesson 13 then complete 13 B... answers only.

    Thurs. 4/2/20: Read or listen on bookshare to Pages 62-66. in Summer of the Monkeys. Jay and his dad go down to the bottoms...what do they find?

    Fri. 4/3/20: Snowday


    Grade 6

    Mon. 3/30/20 Begin chapter 5...read pages 66-70 (bookshare if needed) begin to explain characteristics of a "Patch Village" Send me 3 characteristics on your google doc.

    Tues. 3/31/20 Continue chp 5 in Coal Country, read pages 71-74. Describe the weekly routine in a patch village. What jobs did woman and girls complete each week?

    Wed. 4/1/20 Read pages 74-78 in Coal Country....Was the company store an advantage, disadvantage or both for the miner families? Explain.

    Thurs. 4/2/20 Review WordlyWise Book 6 lesson 12 on Quizlet...10 minutes to become familiar with new vocabulary and definitions. Complete 12A   1-4   answers only. Send on your google doc.

    Fri. 4/3/20 Snowday


    Grade 7

    Mon. 3/30/20 Read pages 97-102, use bookshare if needed, send me 3 jots.

    Tues. 3/31/20 Quizlet 10 minutes to become familiar with new vocabulary, then complete WW7A...you may send answers only.

    Wed. 4/1/20 In novel, read 103-110 ( use bookshare if needed). Write a brief summary and send on your google doc.

    Thurs. 4/2/20 Review new vocab again with Quizlet, (WW book 7 lesson 7) Then complete 7B...answers only.

    Fri. 4/3/20 Snowday


    Grade 8 

    Mon. 3/30/20 Return to WWlesson 11E..read about Kachina Dolls ( bookshare if needed) Write a brief paragraph explaining what  Kachina doll is. How is it made? What is the use?what role did it play in lifes of Hopi children?

    Tues. 3/31/20 In novel, read pages 111-114 (bookshare if needed) Why did think that Kira should not have gone with hom to save Matt from the hunt?

    Wed. 4/1/20 Continue in novel, pages 115-118. Send 3 jots on google doc.

    Thurs. 4/2/20  Quizlet..review new vocab. WWbook 8 lesson 12. Then complete 12B answers only.

    Fri. 4/3/20  Snowday


    Grade 5






    Grade 7







    Grade 8