• PE


    Physical Education/Health/Athletics
    Mr. Burke

    Please use the Physical Education Google Classroom page during our time of online learning

    Click here for Grades 1-4 PE Google Classroom Page

    Click here for Grades 5-8 Google Classroom Page

    PE Schedule:

    1st Grade:
       Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

    2nd Grade:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    3rd Grade:
      Monday, Thursday, Friday

    4th Grade:
      Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    5th Grade:
      Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

    6th Grade:
      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    7th Grade: 
     Monday, Thursday

    8th Grade:
      Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

    PE Syllabus


    7th grade Health

    Please go on our Google Classroom Page for all assignments

    Click here to go to 7th Grade Health Google Classroom page

    Week of January 27: 5 Facts for 2 Choices articles, The Sinister Science of Irrestibale Junk Food: Close Reading Questions, Quiz on Friday

    Week of February 3: 6 Hidden Food Court Tricks article. Begin Super Size Me Movie, "I'm Young, Who Cares What I Eat" worksheet. Quiz Friday on 6 Hidden Food Tricks

    Week of February 10:  Super Size Me Documentary; Super Size Me Test

    Week of February 17: Whats the Deal with Cannabis & A Prescription for Addiction articles, Quizzes 

    Week of February 24: Do Teens Need Recess Article, Go Outside and Play Worksheet, Should Schools Ditch Detention Article, Restorative Justice examples

    Week of March 2: Go Outside & Play Part II, Sick Season Survival Guide, The Dreaded Doctor Visit, Dialouge with a Doctor Worksheet

    Week of March 9: Test: Illness Prevention, Digital Citzenship: Could Your Face Go Viral?, Will Your Posts Come Back to Haunt You?, Could You Give Up Sociacl Media

    Week of March 16: Test: Digital Citizenship & Read A Survival Guide to Adults from Scholastic Choices. All assignments are posted to our Google Classroom page. 

    Week of March 23: Finding Home Choices article, Core Family Memories question, & Family Life Test

    Week of March 30: How to Talk to Anyone and How to Fight Fair Scholastic Choices Articles. Google Forms Quiz on these two articles