• Mrs. Planer

    Art Teacher

    In-Class Support Teacher 7th Grade (period 4) Science with Mrs. Bree.

    2nd Grade ELA Teacher


    If your child has art, please join my google classrooms... I will be posting all of my assignments using google classroom while we are doing home instruction...

    Link to Google Classroom:

    Mrs. Planer’s Google Classroom Codes

    First Grade: wkxyrkn

    Second Grade: i7e5eih

    Third Grade: 5bywxv7

    Fourth Grade: 4a37pi7

    Sixth Grade: imiof6q

    Eighth Grade: 6uhi5xl

    Advanced Art: e4szbdg

    ***Mrs. Planer’s 2nd Grade ELA: sgb3r33


    Need help getting on? - 

    You can access Google Chrome on the Garwood Schools Home Page on the left-hand side, under "Quick Links."
    In order to access your child's Google Classroom account, you need to sign out of any personal account on Google. Here are the steps to do so:
    1. If you are looking at the Google home screen, you will locate a circular icon on the upper right side with a letter in it. Click on this icon.
    2. If you do not see an option to sign out, click on "manage accounts." Then click on "manage my Google account." 
    3. You can choose to add an account, and you will type in your child's Garwood email address: 
     Example: password: school2019
    4. Click join class and input the code for the art class that your child is in (based on grade level).





    • Arrive on time, prepared for class, and save questions until after directions are given. 
    • Be a worker. Students must create their own work.
    • Respect others and property. No hurtful comments or inappropriate language. Take care of all art materials and use tools correctly to keep the art room safe.
    • Follow the rubric given for assignments and always put your name, the date, and your homeroom teacher’s name on the back of your projects.


    Grading Policy for 1st - 4th:

    O - Outstanding - You were always on task and helpful. 

    Your art showed excellent craftsmanship/creativity. 

    All directions and goals were followed/met. 


    S - Satisfactory - You were mostly on task. 

    Your art showed good craftsmanship/creativity. 

    Nearly all directions and goals were followed/met.


    NI - Needs Improvement - You were sometimes on task. 

        Your art showed fair craftsmanship/creativity. 

        Some directions and goals were followed/met.


    U - Unsatisfactory - You were not on task. 

    Your art showed very little craftsmanship/creativity. 

    Very few (if any) directions and goals were followed/met.


    ***4th Grade will be given rubrics with most of their projects and the grading for those projects will be explained on each specific rubric. 


    Grading Policy for 5th-8th:

    Students will be graded on a points scale. Each assignment will be worth a certain number of points and the student will receive those points based on the rubric for that specific project.  Projects, Quizzes, Homework, and Personal and Social Responsibility make up the final grade. Each week students will earn a check plus, check, or check minus for their personal and social responsibility points. Students can earn a check or check minus if they are not on time and prepared, if they are not completing assignments to the best of their ability, if they are not using time wisely to complete assignments, or if they are not following classroom or school rules. At the end of the quarter, the total number of points earned is divided by the number of possible points and a final grade is determined.




  • Homework: none 


  • Paint