• Mrs. Planer

    Art Teacher

    In-Class Support Teacher for 8th Grade (period 1) and 7th Grade (period 7) Social Studies with Mrs. Drummond and 7th Grade Science with Mrs. McCarrick.

  • Homework:

    5th-8th - Always bring a black permanent marker (preferably a fine point and an ultra fine point) to art class. I recommend writing your name on your Sharpie with another Sharpie. 

    5th - If you took home your Franken-Student project on Friday, 10/5, it needs to be completed and turned in on Tuesday, 10/ 9.

    4th Grade - Bring in leaves (in a ziploc bag with your name on it) for Fall Self Portraits by 9/20 (Mrs. Elias' class) & 9/26 (Mrs. Buono's class).




  • Paint