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    Read at least 25 minutes/Log it/Get parent/guardian signature

    On the weekend, read 30 minutes in total

    See notes below re: Social Studies Chapter 7 Midwest region


    What's happening the Week of April 22, 2019 ?

    Language Arts

    1) Word Study - Lesson 12 words introduced

    (Many students use a website called quizlet to assist in the study of the definitions as well as spelling of these words)

    2) Reading - Book Clubs and Scholastic reading packets


    I re-input all usernames and password to access the story online if interested. (See below) Please let me know if you are unable to access.

    Scholastic News - Reading test Packet (continue to work in class on packet #1) 

    (students are able to use the magazine to answer the multiple choice questions.)

    3) Writing-  informational writing on a person of choice provided at least 2 book resources - we are currently researchers taking notes on the person, then we will categorize these notes into subheadings, this week- writing the body of the biography

      Social Studies - My World

    Ch 7 The Midwest 

    Chapter 7 Lesson 2  Resources and Climate of the Midwest - 



    How to gain access to Reading Streets (ELA)

    Go to website:

    Sign in

    Username: first initial last name 4bu

    (all lower case, no spaces)

    Password: fourthgrade4


    Scholastic News 4 - code for access to online resources