•  Good morning, 4th graders! Today is Wednesday, April 8,2020

    Below you will find today’s agenda for Math and Science.

    All assignments may be found on Google Classroom.  


    • Watch the Attached Review Lesson on Rounding.
    • Click on the ASSISTment link in Google Classroom.  Complete the review for Module 1 Lesson 12. Today’s Review is the Problem Set skills from yesterday's lesson. Like yesterday tape diagrams and drawings do NOT have to be included just your solutions. Also remember that assessing the reasonableness of your answer tells you to round and compare your answers.   NJCS# 4.NBT.B.4, 4.OA.A.3


    • Read Engineering a Solar Lighting System online from Foss Web. Username and Password is EliasHomeroom1.  
    • Answer 3 questions from  Google Classroom.
    • Due Thursday, March 19, 2020

    Today’s (optional) extra practice!

    IXL - None

    Freckle.com  - None

    - Mrs. Elias