2nd Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Atieh's 2nd Grade teacher page!

  • **Week 3 Plans have been posted on our Google Classroom**

    Google Classroom


    **NEW Google Classroom Post** 3-20-20

    Hi Class,

    The second grade team spent all day working on some videos for you! Although it is after school hours, we did want to get them out to you! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy! We can't wait to hear back from you all!! See all of our videos on Google Classroom.


    Homeschool Tracking:

    Hi Class! The second grade team thought this would be very helpful in keeping track of all your at-home schoolwork! If you choose to use this you can print it out or create your own document and copy/paste the format into a new sheet! See the link below. We have also posted this document into our Google Classroom to get everyone used to using our new site.

    Homeschool Tracking


    Google Classroom



    Home Instruction Information




    Birthday Celebration Policy:

    As per the Pupil Parent Handbook: "4. Birthday Celebrations - Due to the seriousness of food allergies, birthday treats for preschool through second grade must be non-food items." See Pupil Parent Handbook Link for more information: Pupil Parent Handbook

    A Note From Your Teacher

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  • Specials:

    • Monday: Art

    • Tuesday: Music

    • Wednesday: Gym

    • Thursday: Gym

    • Friday: Gym & Spanish