Mary Ann Kjetsaa
  • Dr. Mary Ann Kjetsaa looks to continue working with her fellow Board members to assure that the children of Garwood receive the best possible educational experience, preparing them for their future endeavors. She holds BA and MA degrees from Montclair State University and a doctorate in Education Administration from Seton Hall University. Dr. Kjetsaa has enjoyed living in Garwood for more than 40 years and is retired from a career as an educator and administrator in a K-12 school district. During her current Board service, Dr. Kjetsaa will continue to apply her education background and experience as well as her previous Board experience to her participation on the Board.

    During current and previous service on the Board, Dr. Kjetsaa has participated on a variety of Board committees, sub-committees, and has taken part in numerous New Jersey School Board Association (NJSBA) training opportunities.  She continues to pledge active oversight of the educational system through attendance at Board meetings, serving on committees and asking safety/security, budget, program, curriculum, and education based questions. She continues to serve on the website committee. She seeks to increase information to and engagement of the community and parents.Dr. Kjetsaa has had training in and participated in Strategic Planning. She looks forward to continuing her participation with the Garwood Board as they move forward with Strategic Planning.

    Finally, we are educating future generations for careers that will certainly be different than today. During decision-making, the Board needs to keep this in mind. We need to inspire our children and engage them in learning opportunities that foster curiosity and provide experiences, allowing them to collaborate, problem-solve and innovate. At the end of the day, the most important part of education is providing opportunities for our children to learn and be successful.