• Good morning, 4th graders! Today is Thursday, June 4, 2020

    Below you will find today’s agenda for Math and Science.All assignments may be found on Google Classroom.  


    • Lesson 24 Decomposing Fractions greater than one.
    • Watch Webcam Video showing and explaining the process.
    • Complete ASSISTments lesson 24 Homework.
    • NJCS # NF.3


    • Read the ONLINE text pgs. 47-48, Using Magnetic Fields.
    • Under ONLINE ACTIVITIES click on the TUTORIALS tab and locate the electromagnet tutorial. Complete the tutorial for electromagnets. 
    • Under ONLINE ACTIVITIES click on the VIRTUAL INVESTIGATIONS TAB complete the activity for electromagnets.  
    • After finishing the online work the Google Doc. for Electromagnets. 
    • NJCS # 4.PSA.1, 4.PSA.2