healthy heart
  • For the Curriculum, please click here.  Health Curriculum  

     October 2018

    Test on Human Reproductive System  Week of 10/1   

    September 2018

    HW #1   Please have your parents email me or write a note that they have reviewed the Health curriculum.

    Materials needed for class:    1 folder with pockets,  Planner,  paper for notes, pen/pencil, index cards, colored pencils and highlighter.       All material should be kept in the health folder until the end of the marking period.  Health folder and planner should be brought to class each day.  

    Each week students are evaluated on point system for maturity, participation, work ethic (includes classwork and homework) and behavior.  Each student was given a rubric which should be in their health folder at all times.  

    Any questions, please email me at