Mr. Timothy Ryan
  • Mr. Timothy Ryan is honored by the opportunity to serve on the Garwood Board of Education. Mr. Ryan and his wife have lived in Garwood since 2006, and they have four children attending school in the district. Mr. Ryan has been a secondary level social studies teacher since 2006, and completed his Masters in Education in 2012. Mr. Ryan is passionate about fostering a school environment in Garwood that offers meaningful, enriching experiences for students, while preparing them for the challenges of high school, college and beyond. He believes it is our obligation as a community to equip our students with the physical, intellectual and social skills they’ll need to reason, communicate, collaborate and adapt in the ever-changing career climate of the 21st century. In order to meet this obligation, Mr. Ryan also believes that our faculty and administration must be provided with regular opportunities to develop and improve their practice. Mr. Ryan is very proud of the education that his own children and all the students of Garwood receive in our district, and he looks forward to joining his fellow board members in preserving and enhancing those programs and services.