• Class Rules 2021-22



    Strong reading and writing skills are keys to your success.  Adhering to these rules will contribute to your success in ELA.


    1. Be prepared every day. Bring your charged Chromebook, books and journals/notebooks/binder, writing implements, homework, tissues, face mask, sanitizer, and a snack.
    2. Respect others, others’ property, and yourself.
    3. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking.
    4. Appropriate netiquette is expected--whether you are learning from home or sitting in class. *See reminders.
    5. A paper copy of CLASS PARTICIPATION expectations will be distributed and must be kept in the front of the binder.   Students will receive a CP grade every two weeks. 
    6. One running Google doc will be used for classwork and homework.  Be sure to date each box and add the newest classwork and homework to the “top” of the document. 

    CLASSWORK is due by the end of the class period.  In some cases, classwork will be evaluated for a grade.  In other cases, classwork will receive a check (credit for the day.)  


    HOMEWORK is the school day after it is assigned (unless otherwise stated.)   :)  There will be an assignment most nights.  Sometimes you will be advised to study for an upcoming test.  This is real homework!  Be sure to do it.  In addition, you are strongly encouraged to read and reread the most recent chapters in the novel every night--even if no new reading is assigned!  This review will increase your understanding of story events.   Surprise quizzes will be administered several times each marking period.


    GRADES will be updated in the portal once a week. It is the responsibility of the student and his/her parent to monitor grades regularly.  I recommend checking the portal at least twice a week.  If you note an error or omission, students must e.mail me with their questions; I will respond within 24 hours during the regular school week.  Note:  There will be no extra credit.  Grades will be determined using the point system.


    ABSENCES:  Please adhere to the district policy regarding work missed during an absence.  The deadline for making up missed homework AND classwork is firm.  Yes, classwork must be completed too.  All daily assignments may be viewed on Google Classroom, so you can easily determine what work you missed on the day you were absent.


    PRS Journal:  We will be using a new form of the PRS (prefix, root, and suffix) journal this year.  At times you may be instructed to add to this journal on your own.  There will ALWAYS be an opportunity to add more to it, so please be sure to have it with you at all times. Unless you run out of pages, there cannot be an end to the additions made to the journal.  Entries to this journal will always be made by hand, so be sure to have it with you at all times. 


    You may not be a good reader...yet.  You may not be the best writer...yet.  I can help you become a better ELA student, but you must be willing to help yourself first!  Remember:  You are responsible for your own education...but there are many friends and adults--including me--who will guide and support you when you need assistance.  

    Find some inspirational quotes about the power of learning from your mistakes.  Reread them when you feel your school work may be challenging.  “Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.” — Calvin Coolidge

    *Appropriate netiquette is required when using your school-issued Chromebook. 

    CLASS PARTICIPATION AND PERSONAL CONDUCT GRADING GUIDE  (A paper copy of the checklist was distributed to students on the first day of school.)







      *Arrives on time to class and adheres to threshold procedures

     *Brings all required materials

     *Completes homework fully; it is legible, on time, and submitted in the proper format



     *Respects others’ property

     *Listens and responds to peers in an appropriate manner  (in person and online; unnecessary chat does not occur)

     *Does not engage in verbal “back and forth” arguments

     *Respects others’ opinions

     *Refrains from interrupting any speaker 

     *Works well in partner and group situations



     *Follows directions the first time they are given

     *Listens to teacher and/or other staff members

     *Raises hand/does not call out or talk back

     *Accepts suggestions for improvement



     *Demonstrates positive character traits (is mannerly, honest, trustworthy, responsible, etc.)

     *Demonstrates productive character traits (is patient, hardworking, thorough, etc.)

     *Does not make excuses



      *Remains on task and allows others to remain on task

     *Participates in class discussions and asks relevant questions

     *Adheres to all class rules and policies—including all netiquette expectations

     *Makes an effort to adhere to class norms and expectations

     * Demonstrates responsibility for one’s own learning

     * Does his/her part to create a respectful environment

     *Makes up work due to absence according to school policy


     All students will begin the two week period with ten points.  Throughout the two week period, points will be deducted, if necessary, for infractions.  Please consider that one ten point participation grade every other week will equal about fifty points at the end of every marking period!  A student who is actively engaged in class and demonstrates a level of concern for his or her own learning on a daily basis will easily keep his or her ten points.  By the end of the marking period, a student’s participation points can have a negative or positive impact on his or her grade.

    *week=usually at least four school days per calendar week (from Sunday to Saturday)



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