• Specials:

    Monday: Music


    Tuesday: Spanish & Art


    Wednesday: Gym


    Thursday: Gym


    Friday: Gym


    **Keep in mind that these may change. Also, cycle classes can be added.**



    Homework Sheets:

    Homework sheets are given out every Monday. They will contains the week’s homework, tests, activities, etc.

    Assignments may change!! Please leave the sheet in your child’s Homework Folder so we can modify assignments as needed.


    Unit Study Guides:

    For every Reading Street and FUNdations unit that we cover, an overview/study guide will be sent home. This sheet will also be posted on my website. Refer to this sheet for review words, amazing words, high-frequency words, critical thinking questions, and comprehension skills.


    Take Home Folder:

    Your child will regularly bring home completed work in their homework folder – please make sure to check it daily and clean it out weekly. Our goal is to help all students become organized!


    Snacks & Birthdays:

    Snack Time:


    We have snack every morning. This should be a dry snack, which does not require a spoon or fork. Please limit this to one snack and try to keep it healthy. The following are great options:

    • Granola bar
    • Dry cereal
    • Pretzels
    • Goldfish
    • Little Bites
    • Veggies and Fruits


    All snacks must be nut free!


    Keep in mind that no candy is allowed at snack time.


    The children are welcome to get drinks from the class water fountain or their water bottle, but juices/sodas/teas are not permitted perm.




    Birthdays in the classroom are always exciting days, however, there is a zero tolerance policy for food.