Miss N. Tarantino



Degrees and Certifications:

Miss N. Tarantino

Period 8/9: 6th Grade English Language-Arts 

Ms. Tarantino and Mrs. Zultanky

Homework for the Week:

Tuesday 6/11: Read Ch. 11 and 12 in Bridge to Terabithia for Thursday

Wednesday 6/12: Read Ch. 11 and 12 for tomorrow






Grading Policy

  • Homework is an essential part of this class and will be checked daily. Students who miss three homework assignments will receive a detention, with detention to follow for any additional missing homework assignment.
  • Students will be responsible for independent reading in addition to our class novels and other assignments.  
  • Student grades will be determined using a point system. All tests, quizzes, writing assignments, projects, homework, and classwork will be given a point value. The number of points received divided by the total possible points will be the numerical grade.
  • Extra credit assignments will be offered throughout the year, and extra help is always available. Please see us if you are having any difficulty and we can arrange a time to review.

Class Supplies

  • Composition book to be used as a journal
  • Three-ring binder (or section of a binder) devoted to ELA, divided into four sections: novel/book, writing, vocabulary, and grammar
  • Plenty of lined paper
  • Pencils and pens
  • Sticky notes
  • Planner
  • Books for independent reading (may be borrowed from the Garwood Library or from our classroom library)