• Albert Del Conte looks forward to his fourth year as a dedicated Garwood Board of Education Trustee, continuing to set policies that will ensure success for every student in our district. He enthusiastically accepts the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in keeping each one of our students in the forefront of technology programs, as well as other programs available to our district, that will empower them to develop their own unique talents. He believes each and every student has the potential to be a lifelong learner, good citizen and valuable community member. Albert will continue to stay focused on meeting the goals of the District Strategic Plan and Board of Education goals for the future.

     A lifelong resident of Garwood, Albert’s family settled in Garwood more than 95 years ago. Mr. Del Conte brings over 40 years of business experience to the table as an entrepreneur and active member of the community. He has been married 36 years and is the father of three sons who have gone through the Garwood School system, and are all successful in their chosen professions. Mr. Del Conte has been actively involved in all Garwood School activities since his oldest son began school, and he enthusiastically continues his involvement in our school’s activities. He is an avid supporter of sports and the arts, as they both develop creative and critical thinking skills, as well as support academic achievement.  

    Albert looks forward to collaborating with each and every Board Trustee with respect and integrity, making responsible decisions to enhance every Garwood student’s educational experience, and provide support for Garwood School’s professional staff.