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The Education Foundation of Garwood (EFG)




Education Foundation

of Garwood


400 Second Avenue

Garwood, NJ 07027

(908) 789-0331 x1450


2014 – 2015

Board of Trustees


Sara Todisco

– President


Marty Roden

– Vice President


Stephen Napolitano

– Treasurer


Kim Ficarra

– Secretary


Andrea Castro

Dawn Hladek

Adele Lewis

Tracey Roland

Mark Rusin



John Motta

- General Counsel



Dear Parent or Guardian:


The Education Foundation of Garwood (EFG) was formed in 2004 to provide an on-going, centralized source of additional funds and resources to assist the public schools in maintaining and enhancing the quality of education in Garwood. EFG is a tax-free volunteer run organization that seeks to partner with the schools and the community in the pursuit of educational excellence.


Through our Grants Program we enable teachers at all grade levels to purchase new equipment and materials for use in their classrooms as well as scholarships for worthy Garwood students. Additionally, EFG plans to provide grant money for many larger school based projects


The Education Foundation of Garwood needs the ideas, energy and funds of parents, alumni, administrators, faculty, staff, students, corporations and businesses, public and private foundations ~anyone who believes in the importance of maintaining and improving the excellent reputation of the Garwood Public Schools. The Foundation is also interested in worthwhile projects that enhance and supplement existing programs, or innovative and creative projects that will enrich the current curricula. It seeks to be a partner of the schools and the community in the pursuit of educational excellence.


Our goals are set high and we believe you can help make a difference. Become a contributing member of the EFG and see the results of your support in all our school. For more information contact any trustee listed

or at





Your tax-deductible contribution for any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Please respond by mail or deliver to school office.

Education Foundation of Garwood, Inc., 400 Second Ave., Garwood, NJ 07027


Yes, I would like to support the Education Foundation of Garwood.


Name:                                                                            Child’s Grade:                                                 

Address:                                                                        Teacher:                                                            

                                                                                       Amount Enclosed:                                           

EFG is a nonprofit, tax- exempt 501(c) 3 charitable organization




EFG: Dedicated to our children’s education.

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